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Custom Built RPMs for Fedora Linux

The following RPM (RedHat Package Manager) files are digitally signed with either of the following keys.  Tek Armory signs the SRPM (source) packages before they are checked into the Fedora Extras for Q/A testing and the resulting RPM (binary) packages are signed by Fedora Extras when they are built for the repository. 
Be sure to VERIFY the digital signatures prior to re-building or installing these files.  Here are the public keys for use in verifying the packages:

Tek Armory PGP Public Key for SRPM signature verification
Fedora Pre-Extras PGP Public Key for RPM signature verification
Fedora Extras PGP Public Key for RPM signature verification

Preliminary ( Testing ) RPMs
NOT for production systems ]


Rootkit Hunter 1.2.0-1.2.1 Changes

Rootkit Hunter 1.2.1 SRPM
Rootkit Hunter 1.2.1 SRPM digests

Rootkit Hunter 1.1.9-1.2.0 Changes

Rootkit Hunter 1.2.0 SRPM
Rootkit Hunter 1.2.0 SRPM digests

Released [ STABLE ] RPMs

Tested, Solid

Rootkit Hunter 1.1.8-1.1.9 Changes

Rootkit Hunter 1.1.9 SRPM
Rootkit Hunter 1.1.9 SRPM digests

Rootkit Hunter 1.1.9 i386 RPM
Rootkit Hunter 1.1.9 x86-64 RPM

Rootkit Hunter 1.1.8 SRPM
Rootkit Hunter 1.1.8 SRPM digests

Rootkit Hunter 1.1.8 i386 RPM
Rootkit Hunter 1.1.8 x86-64 RPM

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